iX Magazine: "NetBeans 7.1: Alternative to Eclipse"

The latest, i.e., March 2012, edition of the German iX Magazine (the "magazine for professional information technology") landed on my doormat today.

Nice and shiny and glossy, at 170 pages, the general look and feel of this magazine reminds me of Dr Dobbs, covering the whole range of hot software development topics, from Cloud to Android, from Apache Solr to NoSQL.

From page 64 to 66, a review of NetBeans IDE 7.1 is published, by Michael Müller. The title is: "NetBeans 7.1: Alternative to Eclipse". To give a taste of the article, the intro text is as follows (translated from German by me, apologies for any inaccuracies in tone or content): "With the release of NetBeans 7.1, Oracle wants to compete with the established application development environment Eclipse. Via many new features, the IDE is thoroughly suited for professional use."

The review then continues with an examination of the new features in NetBeans IDE 7.1. A lot of attention is given to the beefed up refactoring support, under the subheading "Refactoring clearly enhanced", but pretty much everything that's cool, new, or enhanced in 7.1 is mentioned—JavaFX, GridBagLayout Designer, block selection, JPA, ICEFaces, RichFaces, CDI, Oracle Web Services Manager, web services, and more.

The review concludes with the following sentence: "The goal, namely an alternative to Eclipse, has been realized, and one notices Oracle's strong support within the product." 


Thx for sharing...

I've been using Netbeans since version 3.6 back in unversity.
With every new release, Netbeans is becoming more and more of a complete package with the aim of fulfilling what a developer needs in an easy, efficient way.

I believe that in the upcoming versions, Netbeans will dominate any other competitve products and it will be up to these competitors to try and follow up..

Posted by Kassem on March 07, 2012 at 01:54 AM PST #

NetBeans is a brilliant IDE, run by an active community and suitable to all levels of development. It's especially easy to install and get up and running, which makes it perfect for new users.

I really like how well things are integrated, and how, on the whole, everything works in a predictable and uniform fashion.

Well done to the NetBeans team for another fantastic release.

Posted by Ewald on March 07, 2012 at 03:55 AM PST #

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