Interested in reviewing a NetBeans tutorial?

Recently I reported I'd completed a tutorial describing the creation, installation, and sharing of NetBeans IDE file templates. At the end of the tutorial, the New File wizard includes a new template category and template type, as shown below:

I've received several comments from various people and now have a 2nd draft of the tutorial available. Here it is: NetBeans File Template Plug-in Tutorial. If you're interested in giving this tutorial a quick review, all you've got to do is click the link and browse through it. You can give it a more thorough review by downloading NetBeans IDE Dev and building the file template as described in the tutorial. Either way, comments from the wider Sun community would be highly appreciated!


I would like to propose the following. In place of having to create a netbeans module project, etc, why not do somes modifications to the current gui when you use save as template : 1. I create template by doing a file a choose save as template. 2. In the save as template, netbeans would ask for the related icon and also for a description for that template. 3. ask if we want to share it with others (if yes, it will generate the nbm file) Just a 2 cents proposal. Otherwize, I like very much your tutorials. P.S. May I have your authorization to translate somes of your blogs in french ?

Posted by vbb on June 30, 2005 at 05:07 AM PDT #

Hi Vincent, Thanks for your comments. I agree with you about your idea for file template NBM support. However, one thing that the tutorial doesn't cover yet is that in the layer.xml you specify which WIZARD you'd like to use to create the file (see "templateWizardIterator" in the layer.xml). It could be an existing wizard (as in the tutorial) or it could be one that you create yourself. Not sure if this could be dealt with within your implementation. But I will ask developers and see if they have additional comments on this. And, of course you can translate some of my blogs to French (I'd be curious to know which ones, but feel free to go ahead). The more people who know about the breadth of functionality offered by NetBeans, the better.

Posted by Geertjan on June 30, 2005 at 05:38 PM PDT #

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