Intelligence Gathering on the Java Desktop

I've mentioned Maltego by Pinkmatter before a few times in this blog. In fact, a while ago I even wrote a tutorial describing how to reuse their very cool Flamingo toolbar, read about it here, including a video about the toolbar explained by its author at a NetBeans Platform training course in South Africa.

Today I read on the Maltego Blog that a subset of Maltego is being released under the name Maltego CaseFile. The beta version was released about two weeks ago.

Watch this very interesting YouTube movie about Maltego CaseFile, from about the 4th minutes (of the 10 minute movie), you'll start seeing videos about Maltego CaseFile, giving a clear overview of what the tool is all about. The movie is really cool, I liked the presentation style a lot and I enjoyed the South African accent as well:

The app reminded me a lot of the work that took place some time ago at the University of Sheffield-Hallam, as described in The EU, the Police, Ballistic Crime, and NetBeans.


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