Hello Google Web Toolkit (Part 3)

I separated seven Google Web Toolkit samples from the source files and descriptions provided by the book mentioned yesterday. Now the GWT Starter Kit provides the following:

Each sample only contains the absolute minimum necessary to illustrate a very specific GWT feature. For example, the GWT Sortable Table application gives you this in a web page, i.e., there's only a table with headers that can be clicked to sort the columns, but there is nothing else (no text, no bells, no whistles, only the table itself):

In this case, the sample source structure is as follows, with the only files you really need to work with highlighted:

All seven samples are of a very similar size and structure, so the above should give you an idea of what to expect. When you go to the GWT Starter Kit page, you will see a list of screenshots at the bottom of the page, each illustrating the specific feature that each of the samples provides. My intention is to provide a sequel to Introduction to the Google Web Toolkit Framework, covering at least two or three of the samples provided by the GWT Starter Kit.


Well done! One more point to you.

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