Guardian, World's Best Newspaper, Chooses OpenOffice!

I have testified several times before in this blog as to the excellence of The Guardian. Since I'm semi-famous for persevering my existence in Prague despite being able to say little more than "pivo" [beer] in Czech (as well as "jeste jedno" [another one]), and since the Guardian is one of about three English-language newspapers in Prague, I've had little choice but to read the Guardian, since its quality is so far superior to the others that it isn't even funny reading them anymore, considering it my window on the world. (Which, in fact, if I recall correctly, is how Nelson Mandela himself describes it, but more dramatically, since it served as his window from Robben Island.)

And now, believe it or not, the Guardian's technology editor, Charles Arthur, has tweeted as follows:

I just now did a search for "guardian" in this blog (click here for the result) and it might interest Charles Arthur to know that it is very easy to create a plugin that will let his readership cheat in the scrambled word puzzle. However, it would be even better if that plugin were to be installable into OpenOffice, wouldn't it, Charles Arthur? That would be possible if OpenOffice were to be ported to the NetBeans Platform. Lest anyone laugh at this notion, I've discussed this with OpenOffice engineers, who didn't seem averse to the idea at all (it would mean they'd be porting all their legacy code to Java and end up with an application that is MUCH better structured than their current situation). But maybe Charles Arthur can bring his influence to bear? :-) And wouldn't it be cool to search the Guardian from OpenOffice? With this infrastructure, the result would be a pluggable OpenOffice, which is already the case, but which would expose it to a far wider range of plugins since it would be sharing the same framework as all of these other amazing applications!

PS: Small tip for all those great Guardian writers now using OpenOffice: it is possible to open & edit PDF documents in OpenOffice!


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