Group Pics of Recent NetBeans Platform Certified Training

A NetBeans Platform Certified Training was held with students in Togo and Nagpur, India, over the weekend. The participants are shown below, firstly from Togo:

The participating students from Togo were: Ata Adjé LASSEY-ASSIAKOLEY, Koudjo D. APETOH-ANKOUTSE, Senu Ada ATCHINARD MESSANH-KANLIH, Komi Romain ABOLO-SEWOVI, Ata OUEGNIMAOUA, Bertin D. ABIASSI (who was in Canada during the training), Kodjovi Horacio TONOU, Folly Tata AYEBOUA, Yao Watèba APPETI, Paawilou-esso PALOUKI, Ayité Elom Alexandre KOUGBEADJO, and Horacio LASSEY-ASSIAKOLEY (group leader).

The pic above was taken in the courtyard of the Catholic University of West Africa (in Togo), which hosted the group during the two days of training.

And here's a pic of the group in India. The group above and the group below were in the training at the same time, since they all logged into the on-line training using webex:

Standing, from left to right: Ketan Barapatre, Ayan Sinha, Prasanna Peshkar, Rahul Raja, Dhawal Saiya, Gaurav Murkute, Abhijeet Deshpande, Ameya Gharote, Abhishek Nagdeo. Sitting, from left to right: Shivani Bhoyar, Vibhuti Pithwa, Amita Kashikar, Hrushikesh Zadgaonkar, Atul Palandurkar, Neeraj Chauriya, Chetan Gole, and Tushar Joshi (NetBeans Dream Team member and leader of the group above).

Many thanks to Tushar (India) and Horacio (Togo) for setting up this training session. (Here's a blog describing the event, from one of the students on the course.)

The webex-based training worked out quite well. Are you a JUG or university interested in learning about the world's only modular Swing application framework too? Even if you're in a very far corner of the world, you're more than welcome to show your interest in learning about the NetBeans Platform. Leave a message here (or contact me at geertjan dot wielenga at oracle dot com) and we'll get you up and running on the NetBeans Platform faster than you might think!


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