Good News for Wicket Developers

Several cool things if you're a Wicket developer using NetBeans IDE:

  • Deploy on save will include other artifacts, including HTML and properties files. (issue 145666 and issue 167170).

  • Palette items generally are moving into code completion (see here in New and Noteworthy).

  • Changes done to enhance Facelets support (for JavaEE 6) in 6.8 will also be available for developers to integrate into other web frameworks, in particular Wicket, which is similar to Facelets in its structure (see here in New and Noteworthy.

  • There's quite a bit of interest in Wicket support in NetBeans IDE. Customers have been asking about it and, also, it is one of the top rated plugins in the Plugin Portal. So, the Wicket sources are becoming more significant to NetBeans and may end up in 'contrib' as a first step.


Fantastic, Geertjan. The Netbeans wicket community has many reasons to celebrate. Every step closer to full and native support in Netbeans is a huge step in the right direction.

Regarding artifacts in java packages triggering deployment, will support for files of the type.css, .js, .jpg, .png, .ico, etc. also be included? It is important that they will as changes to packages which include files of these types should also be considered for cause to deploy to the server.

Also, as was previously discussed, support for safe deletion should also be provided for these file types as well.

It is only fitting that the best Java IDE should provide the best support the best Java Web framework. Your commitment to this end is greatly appreciated by many of us. Thank you.


Posted by Jeff Schwartz on October 10, 2009 at 11:20 PM PDT #

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