German Javamagazin Highlights NetBeans... Again!

This morning when I got to work, a package with 3 copies of the above German-language Javamagazin was waiting for me! Yay. (Thanks Jens, I think.) Last month, the cover theme of the Javamagazin was NetBeans (click here) and this time... NetBeans is highlighted again! The article focuses on plug-in development and rich-client platform development. It is written by Jens Trapp, who I interviewed sometime ago here. The article has some cool screenshots in the module development area in NetBeans IDE, showing off features such as the API wizards. There's also a look at the layer.xml file and some actual source code from the HTML Tidy module that Jens wrote and open sourced sometime ago. Considering that Jens is an actual NetBeans module writer, I highly recommend this article (and the whole magazine) to anyone who can get hold of it!

Apart from the article on NetBeans, there's also a CD which includes, among other things, NetBeans IDE! (As well as other NetBeans stuff, such as the Profiler.) This was also the case in last month's Javamagazin.

If you're in Prague and want to see the magazine, or want to have your own copy, please let me know, because I have three of them!

Go here to see more info on this edition of the Javamagazin.


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