I was at GeeCON in Poznan, Poland, today. And yesterday at a Poznan JUG event, sharing the stage with Chris Aniszczyk and Ed Burns. Chris talked about Eclipse e4, then I talked about NetBeans Platform, and then Ed discussed the desktop/web landscape. It was a pretty good combination (we should really do a roadshow together, the three of us). Here's the official announcement and here's the view from Ed Burns' head into the room, to give an impression of the general look and feel:

Then today was the first day of GeeCON. Tomorrow is the second day, which I will have to miss unfortunately. It is the 2nd edition of GeeCON, last year it was in Krakow and now it is here in Poznan. Around 400 attendees, with the conference being held in... a movie house. That's really becoming the default implementation of Java conference venues, how cool.

I caught several interesting bits of information at sessions and in the corridors, such as about Apache Aries, which is an OSGi framework atop Felix or Equinox. Also, I attended the Pomodoro technique session, which I had already seen at Devoxx, but wanted to see again to really "get it". It's an amazing and rather wonderful approach to time management (with a really nice presentation about it by Staffan Nöteberg!) and, basically, getting things done. Hope to be able to start reporting on my pomodoros in the coming weeks, once I start implementing the whole program, now that I understand it much better than before. In Ed's JSF session today I learned that you don't need to define navigation rules in a separate JSF configuration file anymore, you can simply specify the next page within a tag in your view file. It was also cool how he explained the three different approaches to learning about JSF: from that of a user, a UI component developer, and from a framework extender. That gave me more perspective on the truckload of information one gets about JSF. The announcement that the JSF JARs are going to be in the standard Maven repos was the big announcement of the day, I reckon, even though it was only mentioned in passing, but it really lit up Twitter at the time.

I gave a whirlwind tour through the NetBeans Platform at the end of the day, basically extending the short presentation I did at the JUG event last night. It was great to see several people again, such as the Adams from Poznan and Konrad from Krakow, Miroslav Kopecky, as well as the pub-based conversations with Chris and Ed. And Vaclav Pech was there as always, which was great, as was meeting Gradle's Hans Dockter for the first time. Finally, it was great to see Andres and hand over my notes for the Griffon book and to see his cool tweets about the NetBeans Platform on the #GeeCON twitter!

And I hope to be able to stick around longer next year.


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