Eppleton: The Place to Learn the NetBeans Platform

Developers from an air-traffic control organization and a surveillance/military organization, among others, are currently on a NetBeans Platform course at Eppleton, the NetBeans Platform (among other topics) consultancy in Munich, Germany. Interestingly, several of them already have applications on the NetBeans Platform. Applications that nobody outside those organizations knows about, yet, since they're still in development. And some of those applications will never be made public, due to their confidential nature. A couple of the students demonstrated the current state of their NetBeans Platform applications and we discussed a bit how some of the remaining problems could be handled from a NetBeans Platform perspective.

It was the first time for me at an Eppleton course. I can't objectively comment on the quality of the trainer and the materials, since I was the trainer and I brought the materials. On the other hand, I can comment on the facilities. These were extremely good and very professional. I especially liked the sweets that were on the students (and also the teacher's) desk each morning. This is what the training room looks like, i.e., clean, well structured, everything that you need for a great learning experience (except not yet a whiteboard) is there:

Another big plus about the location is that it is right next door to a very nice pub, ideal for socializing with the class in the evening hours:

Now I'm back in Amsterdam, the course is still continuing in Munich under the excellent leadership of Toni Epple himself, while I'm getting ready to board my flight that will take me via Paris to Mexico, to the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, which is doing some really cool things with NetBeans IDE and the NetBeans Platform too. Watch this space for details.


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