Fighting Hunger & Poverty via Java with the NetBeans Platform (Part 1)

The training in Mexico at CIMMYT, which is near Mexico City, has come to an end and here is the inevitable group pic:

In the front row you see, holding a NetBeans Platform certificate, Tito who leads the development of some NetBeans Platform work at CIMMYT, with on his left Hector who is the instructor of the group. Students from the Philippines and one from Denmark, who work at CIMMYT, also were in the course and in the pic above.

Previous work that had been done in Visual Basic and Delphi is being moved by the CIMMYT team to Java (because of it being open source and cross-platform), with the NetBeans Platform as the application framework. A demonstration was done of a prototype application that has already been created on the NetBeans Platform:

The application above will be open sourced and any developers out there will be able to contribute code to it!

With the new NetBeans Platform knowledge gained, the fight against poverty and hunger, which is the aim of CIMMYT, now has a new weapon in its armory.


Great!!! I would like to know if by this 2012 training on NetBeans Platform at CIMMYT is scheduled. Thank you in advance.

Posted by J. Carlos Garcia V. on January 26, 2012 at 08:25 AM PST #

The development of tools like this help people worldwide, specially if these are open source and help breeders to increase the productivity in the field. This is a really nice work! good the team.


Posted by guest on May 01, 2013 at 06:42 AM PDT #

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