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An unnamed developer, in an as-yet unpublished article, which I was lucky enough to read, really clarified a couple of things for me today. In a recent blog entry, it suddenly dawned on me that even though I had some cool little Ant scripts (hooked up to cool little NetBeans IDE menu items) for starting, debugging, stopping, testing, and deploying to a variety of servers (JBoss 4, Tomcat 4, and JRun 4), I couldn't really develop much in the IDE for these servers, because each has its own server-specific deployment descriptors (such as sun-web.xml, jboss-web.xml, jboss.xml, config.xml). At the end of that blog entry I had a brief Eureka moment, when I blogged the fact that I had just discovered the Migration Tool for the Sun Java System Application Server 8 Download.

However, thanks to this unnamed developer (unnamed because his article hasn't been officially released yet) my Eureka moment is even bigger. I hope I'm not stealing his thunder, but his article mentions the absolutely brilliant XDoclet, which can transform deployment descriptors from one server vendor into the deployment descriptors of another. I guess to many people that's not really news, because XDoclet's been around for a while. But, for me, the following is pretty revolutionary:

    <target name="Transform-JBoss-Web" depends="init,init-xdoclet" description="Generate web deployment descriptors">
       <webdoclet destdir="${build.dir.jboss}/WEB-INF" 
                addedtags="@xdoclet-generated at ${TODAY},@copyright The XDoclet Team,@author XDoclet" 
            <fileset dir="${src.root}">
                <include name="\*\*/\*"/>

            <jbosswebxml version="4.0" />

Anyway, that's all I'm going to say, because otherwise the unnamed developer's article is not going to be as cool and educational as I suspect it will be.

Update 04/20/05: Click here to read the cool article referred to above.


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