Day Two, JavaZone 2006, in Oslo, Norway

The 2nd day of JavaZone in Oslo was really very interesting. First thing in the morning, at 9.00 a.m., Romain Guy did his presentation on filthy rich clients. As a result, I'm definitely going to have a look at the open source TimingFramework. Next up was Heinz Kabutz, who writes the Java Specialists' Newsletter. He did an excellent presentation on dynamic proxies in Java. After that, I took a break, the only break I took throughout the day, because there were so many interesting presentations.

Next, Brian Leonard did his presentation on the enterprise in your pocket, i.e., about Java ME/Mobility, creating an application that the guy sitting next to me (as well as others in the room) was able to download and run on his phone. That was a pretty cool ending to a presentation. I then attended Geert Bevin's presentation on RIFE. I especially enjoyed the part about continuations, which came up in the half hour after the official hour allocated to Geert. He had so much to say, but all of it really good and obviously his framework is really powerful and efficient. (His use of QuickTime and other tools for setting up his demos is something I'm going to investigate, because it was really cool, although didn't allow for flexibility, of course, because everything was pre-programmed.) I then attended a session by Arjen Poutsma on document-centric web services in Spring-WS, followed by Kirk Pepperdine on performance testing. All in all, a very full day, but a really interesting one.

I really enjoyed the JavaZone conference and only wish that the Sun booth didn't have a very loud banging instrument thing right next to it, one of those things with a massive sledgehammer that makes a very loud banging sound when you bash it onto the machine to make some object go as high as possible. (There must be a name for it, but this description is as close as I'm able to get.) Without that machine, which was so loud that I could hear it from way outside the hotel, I would have set up my laptop to do a few live demos. Apart from that, everything was really cool, educational and fun. And it is great to be in Oslo. Without this conference I probably would not ever have been here at all.


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