Create Your Own NetBeans Server Plug-in Module

Stepan Herold, a NetBeans developer, recently put together a document that describes how to create a NetBeans IDE server plug-in module. I've been working through his document and am planning to turn it into a tutorial soon. Currently, the document describes a generic server, so no server-specific code is included. For example, no deployment descriptors are created and no server is started. It's basically a skeleton of a server plug-in module. Here's what my Projects window looked like once all the necessary files had been coded:

Notice that I used a post-4.1 development build! So the above screenshot is an early version of what your Projects window will look like when you create plug-in modules in the next release of NetBeans IDE. For more information, see the draft version of the Quick Start Guide for NetBeans Plug-in Modules. (It is a work in progress, both the text and screenshots will change a lot in the coming months. Feedback on it is welcome!)

Next, I included the project above in the NetBeans sources (in the "serverplugins" folder) and then built the plug-in module, using an Ant script. I started the IDE and this is what my Runtime window looks like after I registered my new skeleton server:

Pretty cool, huh. Watch this space for an announcement of the tutorial that will explain everything that you need to know.



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