Consolas, Ubuntu, NetBeans IDE 7.3

I followed these instructions, and then found that I had Consolas available in NetBeans IDE 7.3, on Ubuntu:

Initially, the fonts in the editor looked as shown here.

Then, after increasing the font size and type to 14 and Bold, in the NetBeans Options window, the fonts were like this:

I'm not a hardcore Consolas user, so wondering if this is what Consolas users would expect?


on reading comments on original post, there are concerns about Microsoft EULAS, copyrights and that about using Consolas font in not Microsoft's systems...
To avoid that concerns I 'd use some free fonts like Incosolata, at size 14.


Posted by guest on March 25, 2013 at 12:33 AM PDT #

Keep in mind that fond rendering tends to be fairly questionable overall in Netbeans on Linux. It's doubtful you'll get Consolas to render at the same quality as it does on Windows.

Problem seems to be that Netbeans is built on Swing, which does a poor job of rendering many fonts. I've seen claims that SWT renders them better, so Java IDEs built on SWT (like Eclipse, as far as I know) should make it look better.

Posted by guest on July 25, 2013 at 02:37 PM PDT #

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