Commercial NetBeans RCP Applications from Argentina

Another bunch of YANPA's today, this time from Argentina, screenshots made available by Gustavo Santucho:

Description: Defect tracking application. Deployed on tablet-like devices, i.e., the team tried to build something that could be used with a "pen" in the field. Originally for a construction site defect-tracking and completion analysis company, but some effort has been put to make it more generic.

Description: Marketing research for lab applications. The application includes an interesting array of technologies, from Lucene to Web Services. Mainly targeted to marketing research departments running inside drug laboratories, but also used by other health care professionals and institutions. You could do this from different points of view, such as symptoms treated, scientific names, commercial names, and you have an on-line connection to current prices on the market.

Description: Shipment application. This is the user interface for a bigger Java EE application managing orders, inventory and shipment tracking both between branches and to customers. Built for a publisher distributing books around the country.


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