Code Completion for Constructors, Getters/Setters, and Overrides!

All along I've been doing Alt-Insert (which invokes "Insert Code") and going to "Generate Constructor..." and "Generate Getter and Setter...".

I could have saved myself some time (i.e., several clicks in dialogs, etc), if I had realized earlier that code completion offers not only constructors but getters and setters too:

Similarly, the overrides are also in code completion. Below, I'm in a Node, hence I see the Node overrides in code completion:

Now I can just press Ctrl-Space to popup the code completion box and quickly jump to the methods I need. Then press Enter and, without having to click through any dialogs, I have generated exactly the snippets of code I need. Saves a lot of time and keeps you in the programming flow. And so clearly NetBeans IDE is even better than I had thought.


Yeah, these are really helpful unknown features, thanks for documentation :P

Posted by Martin Scharm on September 11, 2011 at 06:49 AM PDT #

Hi Geertjan

Your blog has been so knowledgeable, I have been following blog for some time now.
Could you please add a blog for making a good web based login & session management in Netbeans.

Thanks & Regards

Posted by guest on September 11, 2011 at 08:06 PM PDT #

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