Bremen on the NetBeans Platform!

The latest edition of the NetBeans Platform Certified Training brought Toni, Josh, and I to... Bremen, Germany. We were there the last few days at the Hochschule Bremen. Here's a pic of the whole group (minus me because I was taking the picture):

Course content, which also included a few hands-on workshops:

  • Day 1: Getting Started, Modularity, Lookup, Window System, Nodes
  • Day 2: Explorer Views, Visual Library, File System, Miscellaneous

The course ended with on overview by Toni of how to contribute to NetBeans IDE. There are several community programs that one can participate in: NetCAT (help test NetBeans IDE, though this doesn't fit with the NetBeans Platform certification program), NetFIX (help fix bugs in NetBeans IDE), and NetDEV (help create new features for NetBeans IDE).

At the end of the two days, all the students were "NetBeans Platform Certified Associates".

Several want to continue to the next level, either "NetBeans Platform Certified Engineer" or "NetBeans Platform Certified Committer". Want to become certified in the NetBeans Platform too? It's an especially useful course for non-beginners in Java who want to create modular (i.e., pluggable) applications, with Swing as the UI toolkit. Get a group of other enthusiastic students together and then write to users AT edu DOT netbeans DOT org. More information can be found here.

Note: Especially if you're a group of students in Switzerland, you're encouraged to let us know of your interest, because quite a few activities are about to happen in the part of the world with the NetBeans Platform!

When is the next planned training? Two weeks from now, in Goettingen, Germany. If you can join us, here's all the info you need. There's still space left (about 30 have signed up so far).


This course was very helpful & interesting!!!

Posted by Willi Pfeifer on September 23, 2009 at 04:01 AM PDT #

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