Back from Brazil: Hello NetBeans IDE 6.7

I'm back from FISL in Brazil! Too many highlights to do justice to—experiencing presentations by Richard Stallman, Simon Phipps, and Peter Sunde was certainly one of them. Another was being in Brazil at all, of course. Anyway, I summarized it for anyone who'd like to know my take on what happened there (or, at least, to find out what kind of things I personally experienced):

What I found especially interesting about FISL was the focus on copyright / human rights law, as much as on technology itself. In other words, more often than not, the speaker would not do any demonstrations at all, nor talk about what wonderful things their company is doing. Instead, they'd talk about the current state of cybercrime legislation as it pertains to some area or other (see the above links for details).

My award for most inspiring presenter goes to Peter Sunde (Wikipedia entry). My award for most eccentric presenter goes to Richard Stallman (Wikipedia entry). From both I learned an incredible amount. See part 2 above, for all the details.

I had my own few minutes to tell my tale, in a presentation on Saturday entitled "Java Development: Beyond the IDE". Basically, it was all about how NetBeans IDE 6.7 raises the bar when it comes to what an IDE is able to do. For the first time, with NetBeans IDE 6.7, an IDE is able to manage your project beyond the create/edit/deploy/debug cycle: you can also store it (for free) in a source code repository, assign issues to it, retrieve the source code, and chat to other team members... all inside the same IDE where you did your coding! Uniqueness was never this unique.

Here's my presentation (though the majority was a demo, so you won't see much in the slides):

BeyondTheIDE.odp (OpenOffice)

And here's a pic of me presenting the agenda of the presentation:

The above entails that I demoed, GlassFish, MySQL, and VisualVM, in addition to NetBeans IDE. Of course, I ended by summarizing the main enhancements in 6.7:

By the way:

Download NetBeans IDE (for free!) here.

A lot of cool reactions afterwards. Attendees were amazed at how responsive NetBeans is and how many features it has out of the box. The first pic above was taken by Arun Gupta, the second by Eros Stein. He's a NetBeans user I mentioned in the 3rd part of my articles listed above. It was great to meet him. In terms of creating a community around a product, nothing beats talking to a user face to face!

Thanks for the great time at FISL. Especially to the Sun Campus Ambassadors who were there. They were great.


I see that you mention VisualVM above, along with having several other posts about it on your blog. Do you have any idea when the results of the VisualVM blogging contest ( will be announced? :)


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