Are You In Norway???

Are you in Norway (or thereabouts)? Toni Epple and myself will be giving a NetBeans Platform Certified Training and related presentations, as well as meeting developers interested in developing their Swing applications on the NetBeans Platform in Oslo and Bergen during the coming two weeks:
  • Institute for Marine Research. Based in Bergen, the institute has a large set of databases (handling things like species lists, vessels, institutions, survey logbooks, biological samples) that they want to maintain via an integrated desktop solution. More on the specific needs and plans of this group can be seen in the slideshow below!

  • Exie. An Oslo-based company involved in people-driven performance management solutions. The developers on this team have contributed two of the most interesting things imaginable to the NetBeans Platform: EMF integration (, as discussed here, and Office Look and Feel support (, as explained here. The latter enables really cool looking apps like this one:

    Definitely time to meet the developers behind these creative innovations in person and have a drink with them!

  • Zirius. An Oslo-based company developing ERP software called Zirius that is in use by close to 400 Norwegian companies. It is a Swing application using JNLP for distribution, while the codebase is getting old, needing an update. A fresh start for their application's architecture on the NetBeans Platform is being explored.

Toni and I are pretty flexible during the time that we'll be there, so if anyone else (universities/institutions/companies/JUGs) want to attend/organize a presentation about modular development on the NetBeans Platform, leave a message in the comments or contact me in person at geertjan dot wielenga at sun dot com.

And here's a very interesting slideshow from the Institute for Marine Research in Bergen, mentioned above, about their application and their plans/questions about using the NetBeans Platform:

Looking forward to our Norwegian adventures!


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