2010: The Year of Documented Reference Material for the NetBeans Platform

Towards the end of 2008, I predicted that 2009 would be The Year of Documented Business Scenarios for the NetBeans Platform. I think, looking back at the past year, that, in particular via How to Create a Swing CRUD Application on NetBeans Platform 6.8, the year turned out as I had hoped. In addition to that, The Definitive Guide to NetBeans Platform was released during the past year as well, together with a massively updated NetBeans Platform screenshots page, which all relate closely to business scenarios for the NetBeans Platform. In the case of the book, the business scenarios were enabled, in the case of the screenshots page, the business scenarios were proved. In general, I think, from the documentation/training side (i.e., not from the development side, in which I, as technical writer, have little control), the biggest improvement in the past year is that, at this point (unlike a year ago), no one can argue anymore that "the NetBeans Platform isn't really being used in real life". The many applications that have been discovered over the past year as being based on the NetBeans Platform (particularly in the military, banking, and oil services domains) have conclusively negated that theory... to the point where the NetBeans Platform will be one of the two main focus points for the 6.9 release of the NetBeans release cycle.

So... what will 2010 bring, from the side of documentation/training relating to the NetBeans Platform? I predict that this year will be "The Year of Documented Reference Material for the NetBeans Platform". A strong start has already been made via the NetBeans Platform Reference Card:


Download it right now, if you haven't done so yet. That document will form the basis of a much more ambitious reference document (dare I call it "reference manual"), as outlined in this interview. In addition, there will be a release of a new book which will be up to date for NetBeans Platform 6.8. It will be particularly useful for those beginning with the NetBeans Platform, providing an end to end tutorial, translated from Jurgen Petri's O'Reilly book "NetBeans RCP: Das Entwicklerheft".

Best of all, of course, beyond that, 2010 will turn out to be a very good year for the NetBeans Platform, judging from the strong enterprise RCP support that is being examined for the upcoming release.

Happy new year to NetBeans Platform developers everywhere!


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