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  • September 24, 2007

Enhancements to the Multiple Project Template (Part 1)

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
Several cool enhancements to the Multiple Project Template:

  1. The folder search now is smarter than before. Instead of needing to select the folder that contains the NetBeans projects, you can go one folder higher. So, for example, below I've chosen the 'filthyrichclients' folder:

    And now all NetBeans projects within the selected folder, as well as all NetBeans projects within folders that are one level below the selected folder (no more than that) are found and appear in the 'Available' list:

  2. And, as you can see above, I have added 'Add all' and 'Remove all' buttons, so that you can select all applications in one go, instead of having to select them one by one, or in selected groups.

  3. The next enhancement is that the generated package names now, instead of being named module.package.name.1, module.package.name.2, etc, are now named after the name of the application (i.e., module.package.name.name-of-application), as shown here:

  4. Finally, the wizard adds the correct icon to each project. It does this by identifying the type of project (e.g., web or mobility or ejb, etc) and then sets the related icon in the layer file, defaulting to the Java application's icon, if the project's type does not match one of those supported by the wizard. As a result, all of Chet and Romain's samples get the IDE's Java application icon automatically attached to all their projects, when the module shown above is installed:

So, as the pictures and words above indicate, I am now able to create a module that contains all of the Filthy Rich Client samples, all 82 in one go, using one single iteration of the new Multiple Project Template wizard. I have incremented the plugin to 2.0 and made it available in the Plugin Portal:


In other news. Here's Dave and my presentation on JFugue API.

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