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  • August 29, 2011

Disable Error Warnings in NetBeans IDE

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

You're trying out an early build of NetBeans IDE and are seeing many error messages preventing you from using the parts that are meaningful to you. What to do? Can you disable those error warning messages?

If you'd be able to do that, that would also be useful for the "this always works perfectly, except when I'm doing a demo" scenario, where you tend to suddenly see error messages popping up unexpectedly. (Of course, that means there's an error somewhere. But often not where its relevant for your demo, despite which you see error messages anyway, causing a scary "oooooh" [and some cruel laughter] from your audience.)

Well, here you go, add this to "netbeans_default_options" in your "etc/netbeans.conf" file:

-J-Dnetbeans.exception.alert.min.level=99999 -J-Dnetbeans.exception.report.min.level=99999 

The above settings (thanks to this reference online) should be listed here, which is where all NetBeans options should be listed.


I'm aware of some missing options in the list above. If you're aware of some missing options too, just leave a message in the comments here (saves you some work in Issuezilla) and I'll make a combined issue for them all.

Officially documented here:


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