Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

Book Review: JavaFX 8 -- Introduction by Example

JavaFX 8: Introduction by Example is the book that you absolutely must get hold of if you're interested in JavaFX in any way at all. The authors (Carl Dea, Mark Heckler, Gerrit Grunwald, José Pereda, and Sean Phillips) are all awesome and famous in the JavaFX community and the chapters are purely practical and useful, and well written, and even humorous at times. You couldn't ask for a better combination of people and topics in a book dedicated to JavaFX.

The chapters are as follows:

  1. Getting Started
  2. JavaFX Fundamentals
  3. Lambdas and Properties
  4. Layouts and UI Controls
  5. Graphics with JavaFX
  6. Custom UIs
  7. Media with JavaFX
  8. JavaFX on the Web
  9. JavaFX 3D
  10. JavaFX and Arduino
  11. JavaFX on the Raspberry Pi
  12. JavaFX and Gestures

My current interest lies in the Raspberry Pi and so I was very pleased to find the JavaFX and Raspberry Pi chapter by Mark Heckler and José Pereda and dove in immediately:

It's kind of geek humor, but I found it quite funny to read the EPUB version of the book, i.e., a book all about JavaFX, in an EPUB Reader that I've made... in JavaFX! Maybe I'll get to deploy it to the Raspberry Pi soon (once I figure out how to connect my LCD display to the Raspberry Pi):

The entire book can be seen as a NetBeans IDE tutorial, since NetBeans IDE is used from beginning to end, which is awesome. Aside from that, everything is useful and practical and, as I said above, you should buy it immediately. As in, right now, this minute:


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