Sunday Jul 06, 2014

YouTube: EJDK, Raspberry Pi, and NetBeans IDE 8

The EJDK (embedded Java development kit) is a new innovation in JDK 8, enabling Java SE Embedded developers to create customized JREs using the JRECreate tool. It was introduced in the blogosphere in March this year, here, by Jim Connors from Oracle.

NetBeans IDE 8 provides out of the box tools (i.e., no need to install any plugins for this) to let you create customized JREs for embedded devices by integrating directly with the JRECreate tool. Not only that, NetBeans IDE 8 can also deploy the JRE to the embedded device, e.g., the Raspberry Pi. That means you can forget command line tools like ssh, while you can also avoid wasting time to learn how JRECreate works, since all that is delegated to NetBeans IDE 8.

In about 10 minutes, all the above pieces are put together, while you'll also learn how to create, debug, and profile applications on the Raspberry Pi:

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