Saturday Jul 05, 2014

Setting Up Raspberry Pi -- and Using NetBeans IDE

Basic outline of steps for getting Raspberry Pi ready for usage with Java.

  1. Read this:

  2. Put SD card into laptop.

  3. Download Raspbian Wheezy:

  4. Unzip it and you have an .img file.
  5. Set up static IP "ip=" in commandline.txt in boot drive of SD card.

  6. Put SD card into Raspberry Pi, connect via network to the laptop, and connect the Raspberry Pi to power.

  7. Install Putty (e.g., sudo apt-get install putty). Connect to the device and then run 'sudo raspi-config' to complete the setup.
  8. Download EJDK and then use NetBeans IDE tools to create a JRE and deploy it to Raspberry Pi. Then use NetBeans IDE for everything else:

That's it. More notes to be added as I learn more.


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