Thursday Jun 26, 2014

10 Years @ NetBeans

A few days ago I received a message congratulating me for my employment anniversary of 10 years of service to Oracle. Together with a picture of the commemorative award:

It's great that my pre-Oracle years were included, i.e., I have only worked for Oracle for 4 years, since the Oracle/Sun takeover. I also like the thought that even when I wasn't working for Oracle, I was somehow still working for Oracle, in anticipation of the time when my secret work for Oracle would be rewarded with an actual contract and, some years later, a pen.

However, one constant in the past 10 years has been... NetBeans. That's what I've been working on for 10 long and varied years. What's kept it interesting is a combination of the awesome NetBeans APIs and the great worldwide NetBeans community, from Anton to Zoran. I think Java is a fantastic platform and programming language and I've done everything I can to support and promote it, as well as more recently its integration with the HTML5 platform, via the tooling that NetBeans provides. Because without tools and, indeed, being able to choose between competing tools, a language or a platform is just a big incoherent stack of specifications and other documents. It's been a fun time, here's to the next 10 years.


Geertjan Wielenga (@geertjanw) is a Principal Product Manager in the Oracle Developer Tools group living & working in Amsterdam. He is a Java technology enthusiast, evangelist, trainer, speaker, and writer. He blogs here daily.

The focus of this blog is mostly on NetBeans (a development tool primarily for Java programmers), with an occasional reference to NetBeans, and sometimes diverging to topics relating to NetBeans. And then there are days when NetBeans is mentioned, just for a change.


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