Monday Jun 02, 2014

Update 3 for "NetBeans Platform for Beginners"

The latest monthly update of NetBeans Platform for Beginners was released during the last few days. Without any question at all, this book is awesome. I love how it is a 'living book' and that on a monthly basis new updates are made available.

In this particular update, as before, reader comments and questions have led to changes and enhancements in the book. In addition, there's now a tighter integration between the long list of samples on GitHub and the book, since wherever a sample relates to a text in the book, the book has a handy icon, so that you know when to hop over to GitHub to get a related sample.

Do you have comments or questions about the book? That's what the feedback link is for:

And there's also a free sample, just in case you'd like to get a feel for the book prior to buying it:

If you're from a company where you're all sharing a single copy of the book, it would be great if you'd go back and support this great project (and hopefully encourage future books being written) by buying additional copies, ideally one for each developer. Let's show the authors that writing books on the NetBeans Platform is a really profitable thing to do (and I'm hoping they'll write one on Maven and the NetBeans Platform, as well)!


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