Tuesday May 20, 2014

Quickly Beef Up NetBeans with New Hints

One of the best NetBeans plugins is called "Additional Java Hints". Go to Tools | Plugins and you'll find it in the Available Plugins tab:

In the Hints tab, in the Options window, search for "additional" and you'll see all the new Java hints that are now available:

For example, here's one I like a lot. Put the cursor in the middle of a string and press Alt-Enter to bring up the available hints:

As you can see, you get "Split at caret" which comes from the Additional Java Hints plugin. Press Enter and your string is split at the caret:

Bring up the hints again by again pressing Alt-Enter and now you can join them again or copy the joined string to the clipboard, which are both hints from the Additional Java Hints plugin, seamlessly integrated with the flip operands hint that is a standard hint in NetBeans:

Thanks, Benno Markiewicz for this great plugin.

People are free to file RFEs at the GitHub project page:


So, if you're missing a hint of any kind in NetBeans, especially Java hints, let Benno know at the location above. Or you can join in and work with him on hints yourself. I think this is a great contribution to the NetBeans community.


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