Friday Mar 28, 2014

Nashorn and NetBeans: Not Your Average Joe's Rhino

What can be done with JavaScript and Java together in NetBeans IDE via Nashorn is kind of mind blowing. Watch Jim Laskey explain Nashorn within 10 minutes, including mixing JavaScript and Java in NetBeans 8.

Based on JSR 292 and available in JDK 8, Nashorn is a JavaScript engine implemented fully in Java on the JVM. In the screencast above, from the Java 8 launch, the Nashorn JavaScript Engine is described and a top-level view of how it all works is provided, with demos of JavaScript & Java working together.

And, over on DZone, Constantin Drabo today published another great article with code from NetBeans 8 on this topic: Nashorn Application with NetBeans 8.


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