Sunday Mar 23, 2014

R Plugin for NetBeans IDE (Part 2)

When I wrote about R in NetBeans IDE some time ago, there were a lot of responses. Constantin Drabo from Burkina Faso, who is leading this project, has made the sources available and I have checked them in here:

I probably messed up the check in a bit, especially the Analyzer module, may need to check it in again in a fresh repository. But if everything is set up correctly, the sources look like this:

Right now it's a little bit early to make the binaries available in the NetBeans Plugin Portal, but hopefully we'll wrap up the open issues soon. (Anyone interested in being alpha testers, please say so in the comments to this blog.)

R projects can be created and one of the aims of the R support for NetBeans IDE is to provide a learning environment for R newbies (rewbies?), which will consists of, for example, all the examples found here, as file templates, as you can see here:

An R file open in the editor looks like this:

You can register R in the Options window, enabling you to right-click an R file and generate visualizations within PDF files, as you can see here, including the PDF viewer that the R plugin provides:

Interesting projects to incorporate somehow include Java ordinary R infrastructure support (Joris), Rserve, and Java GUI for R.

Lots of fun work ahead!


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