Thursday Feb 20, 2014

Terence "ANTLR Guy" Parr Invitation!

Terence Parr, awesome superhero language guru guy and definitely related somehow to Jim Carrey, as well as being the author of one of the best blog entries ever written Report of GUI's death greatly exaggerated, has an important announcement to make and here it is:
Calling all coders that love to discuss computer language design and implementation! Whether you're functional, imperative, or declarative come hang out for open discussion, lightning talks, and some formal talks.

Meet other language geeks and get some socialization! Experts and beginners are welcome. You might learn, teach, eat, or drink something.

Your fearless leader is all around nice guy and supreme dictator for life Terence Parr, The ANTLR and StringTemplate Guy. I will moderate the discussions to avoid too many food fights and dampen non-Terence loudmouths. Interest level will dictate location in San Francisco (e.g., coffee shop, bar, university lecture room, industry meeting room, etc...).

For fun, I might even take the show on the road to tech spots like Seattle, Bangalore, or Superman's hideout at the North Pole.

The first event Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 19.00 in San Fran: 


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