Thursday Feb 13, 2014

Seamless Aspose Integration with NetBeans IDE

Aspose makes file format APIs and components available in multiple languages and for various technologies, including Java.

Recently the Aspose team made a great plugin available to the NetBeans community as a way to highlight their technology. Go to Tools | Plugins and you'll find the Aspose plugin available, while it is also on the NetBeans Plugin Portal, where it is described too.

You'll find a new project template in the Java category in the New Project dialog:

On the next step, you specify the name of the project and when you click Next again you're able to access Java libraries from the Aspose site:

That, in turn, creates the project below, adding the JARs from Aspose to the classpath:

Then you can go to the New File dialog and you'll see "Aspose Example" in the Java category:

Now you can choose from heaps of Aspose samples:

For example, now I have code for creating e-mails via the Aspose solution for doing so:

Congratulations for creating such seamless integration with NetBeans IDE, Aspose team! Aspose is now included on the NetBeans Partner page:


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