Tuesday Feb 11, 2014

Two Recent IDE Polls -- Odd Similarities

Over the years, in this blog, I have frequently questioned the difference between data and information. All the way back in 2008, I even discussed statistics in the context of (my childhood hero) John McEnroe. How many out there can claim to have been arguing about statistics consistently and coherently for as long as I have? Indeed, not many.

Data is numbers, graphs, statistics, ups, downs, etc. Meanwhile, information is the meaning of data, that is, the conclusions that can be drawn from it.

What does it mean that the statistics over the past month show, both on jaxenter.de AND on java.net that NetBeans IDE is (in the case of jaxenter.de) the best IDE and (in the case of java.net) the IDE in which most coding is done?

In both cases, interestingly, more votes were cast in the polls above than in other recent polls on those sites which signifies, surely, that there is more passion around this topic than others that have been dealt with in polls on those sites.

But, the point is that, the correlation between these two different data points is surely interesting. Scoff if you like, but scoff meaningfully. How can the above two polls on different sites, with different people responding to it, be explained?


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