Friday Jan 31, 2014

Awesome Blogs (Part 1):

I'm starting a new occasional series where I highlight awesome blogs around the webiverse.

And a great one, what a pleasure to kick the series off with this one, is the brand new by Brett Ryan, from Melbourne, Australia.

  • In Migrating to JDK 8 with NetBeans, his first blog entry, he shows how to set up and use NetBeans 8 to refactor applications to use JDK 8. It is well written, clear, has lots of screenshots, and is just a great read.

  • In The Power of the Arrow he shows 5 examples of code where he starts with a pre-Java 8 construct and then moves it step by step via NetBeans 8 to a new Java 8 lambdafied style, with all the intermediate steps included, and motivations why making the move makes sense.

And he says cool things about NetBeans 8, such as:

"I started doing these by hand and then slapped myself, NetBeans' hints can do all this for me. With NetBeans generally a hint will appear, you smile and accept it, possibly modify, then another hint might appear so you grin and accept that too; before you know it you've taken 5 or more lines down to 1."

I'm really looking forward to seeing what's next in Brett's blog!


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