Saturday Jan 11, 2014

YouTube: XML Encoding on the NetBeans Platform

The XMLEncoder class is a complementary alternative to the ObjectOutputStream and can used to generate a textual representation of a JavaBean in the same way that the ObjectOutputStream can be used to create binary representation of Serializable objects.

I know the above because I read (and copied it from) the related javadoc, for java.beans.XMLEncoder. The NetBeans Platform has a cool solution built on top of XMLEncoder/Decoder, via the @ConvertAsJavaBean annotation.

I blogged about this, some time ago, with example code, here.

Today I made a small sample that puts together several standard NetBeans Platform pieces, with the result viewable in this (silent, i.e., intentionally no voice, so please don't leave comments about no audio, etc) new YouTube clip:

The source code of the above is here:


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