Wednesday Jan 01, 2014

Scala in NetBeans IDE 7.4

Caoyuan Deng, the author of the Scala plugin, starts the year off well with the announcement that the Scala plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.4 is available:

New features:

  1. Format code using Scalariform;
  2. Run/Debug sbt project/file. (For debug, you need to attach debugger by yourself [Debug -> Attach Debugger] after invoke 'Debug' action)
  3. Sbt 0.13.1
  4. nbsbt-1.1.0 has been published to
  5. Implicit call is now highlighted with italic fonts.

Fixed features:

  1. Various fixes for code completion;
  2. Multiple opened Sbt/Scala consoles now work properly;
  3. Better Jump/Open to declaration position of source file.

Here's what you see after installing the plugin (i.e., unzip the ZIP file, go to Tools | Plugins, use the Downloaded tab to install the NBM files):


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