Friday Dec 13, 2013

Overheard at a Recent Conference...

Well, not so much "overheard", since I'm one of the two people in this conversation. (You can guess for yourself which one.) Let's imagine they're called "Fred" and "Joe". 

Joe: Well, it sure seems like all developers everywhere are creating nothing other than mobile apps these days.

Fred: How did you come to that conclusion?

Joe: Well, look around you at this conference. Everyone is constantly on their mobile phone, using the apps on their mobile phone, constantly, all the time, even while they're attending sessions at this conference, even while the speaker is talking. They're hardly even looking up at all anymore, they're typing away madly, twittering, or swiping, or whatever, all the time, on their mobile phone.

Fred: I see your point. But how many of those apps are backoffice banking applications for risk management analysis? How many of them are military applications for managing and predicting conflict outcomes? How many of them are air traffic control systems? How many analyze oil flows and reservoirs? And how many of the attendees at this conference are scientists doing protein analysis?

Joe: ...


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