Tuesday Dec 03, 2013

Seamless TestFairy Integration with NetBeans IDE

The NetBeans TestFairy plugin simplifies the process of uploading Android apps to TestFairy.com and getting hold of the URLs for distributing to testers. Here's the URL to the plugin, install it into NetBeans IDE 7.4:


Right-click an APK file (either from native Android or PhoneGap/Cordova) and upload it to TestFairy.com. The Options window lets you set the API Key, which you must get from the TestFairy.com site. If no API Key is set, the Options window opens at the tab where it should be entered.

After successful upload of the APK file, the Output window shows the URLs created for you by TestFairy, e.g., the URL to send to your testers for accessing the instrumented APK. (If the upload fails for some reason, e.g., no or wrong API Key or problems with the file, the Output window also shows you the messaging that TestFairy returns.) Then sit back and watch on TestFairy.com to see what they're doing with your Android app!

More info about TestFairy in this blog:


The screenshot below shows the menu item on APK files for uploading the APK, as well as the output returned from TestFairy:

The sources of the plugin will be hosted on the TestFairy GitHub soon.


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