Tuesday Nov 26, 2013

RAD.js: Enhancing PhoneGap/Cordova Quickly and Easily

I'm at DroidCon in Amsterdam with Oleg Lola (CEO) and Yuriy Luchaninov (HTML/JS/Android Group Leader) from the RAD.js project at MobiDev, among 1000 or so other people at the conference. RAD.js is yet another cool JavaScript framework:


Click the Download button above and you'll find, among other things, many helpful samples:

What's special about RAD.js? Well, it makes PhoneGap/Cordova applications faster. The problem with PhoneGap/Cordova is that it is basically a wrapper around HTML5 applications and if you create a normal HTML5 application, you'll find that it is optimized for the browser on the deskop and not for the mobile device. Transitions, long lists, etc, are not handled well by PhoneGap/Cordova. RAD.js fixes delay time out problems and the too overloaded DOMs inherent in PhoneGap/Cordova and has components for long lists.

The aim of RAD.js is to make PhoneGap/Cordova applications faster, not via UI tricks, but via structural enhancements inside HTML5 applications.

Many examples are provided when you click the Download button on the page. They run immediately in NetBeans IDE, just use the "HTML5 from Existing Sources" template to set them up.

Here's one of them, click to enlarge the image:

And, of course, a RAD.js plugin for NetBeans IDE is being worked on! It will provide all the RAD.js samples and plug them into the New Project wizard in NetBeans IDE.


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