Monday Nov 18, 2013

NetBeans IDE Extension Workshop @ Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Part 1)

I spent some time at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo, at their invitation, to introduce the topic of extending NetBeans IDE via learning how to create new plugins. At Fontys, they've standardized on NetBeans IDE for teaching purposes and so everyone in the class was very familiar with the IDE. In the beginning we discussed NetBeans IDE features the class likes most and it was interesting that the first item that came up was "great performance". Others included the Profiler and refactoring tools.

Here's a pic of the whole class, click to enlarge it, slightly blurry, but the panorama perspective gives a good impression of the class nonetheless, with three lecturers sitting on the extreme left of the pic:

And here's the slide deck used in the workshop, i.e., I went through all the slides below, which has a video embedded near the end, which is "Five Simple Ways to Extend NetBeans IDE" on YouTube. Through the workshop, the class learned how to create new modules, actions, menu items, toolbar buttons, windows, and option panels.

The slideshare location is here:

Right at the end, we started listening to the global lookup, which will be continued in the next workshop to be held in a few weeks, where we will focus on integrating a web-based student assessment tool into NetBeans IDE.

I'm looking forward to seeing some cool new NetBeans plugins in the NetBeans Plugin Portal, which shouldn't be hard to create for the class, now that they've learned all the basics!


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