Monday Nov 11, 2013

Upcoming Enhancements in AngularJS Integration in NetBeans IDE

New bleeding edge enhancements in AngularJS support in NetBeans IDE enable many more controllers to be found than in NetBeans IDE 7.4. The next version of NetBeans IDE parses all JavaScript files and checks for defined AngularJS controllers, such as the below:

All recognized AngularJS controllers are offered in code completion, as shown below.

In other words, code completion works better in finding AngularJS controllers.

Another improvement is in the "Go To Declaration" feature. When you click Ctrl+Mouse over the name of a controller inside an NG-controller directive, you will be navigated to the related controller declaration.

More accurate results can be shown in code completion mainly because there are changes in the generation of JavaScript virtual sources in an AngularJS page.

Other awesome AngularJS features, already in NetBeans IDE 7.4:


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