Wednesday Oct 30, 2013

YouTube: Chrome Dev Tools Integration with NetBeans IDE!

Some time ago my colleague David Konecny discussed the question "What works better for you? NetBeans IDE or Chrome Developer Tools?". It's a good read. David highlights the point that it's not a question of either/or but both, since the two tools are like the apple/pear dichotomy.

However, good news! The two worlds are not divided in NetBeans IDE 7.4. Changes you make in Chrome Developer Tools (CDT) are automatically persisted to the related files in NetBeans IDE, as you can see in a new YouTube clip I made today.

The new integration of CDT with NetBeans IDE has been mentioned in the NetBeans IDE 7.4 New & Noteworthy, while on Twitter this was sighted yesterday:

Watch the movie above and within 5 minutes you too will see the simplicity and power of CDT integration with NetBeans IDE.

In other news. I consider the above to be my favorite (though it's a tough choice, since there are so many new features in NetBeans IDE 7.4) new feature, for the article "What is your favorite new NetBeans IDE 7.4 feature?"


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