Sunday Oct 27, 2013

"44 Tips" in PHP Magazin and Other NetBeans IDE Screencasts

My recent YouTube series "44 Tips for Front End Web Devs" (part 1, part 2) has been picked up by PHP Magazin:

Great. I'm working on more screencasts like that, from different angles. For example, one will methodically explain each and every window in NetBeans IDE; another will step through the creation of an application from conception to deployment; while another will focus on the NetBeans IDE extension points and how easily they can be used to add new features to NetBeans IDE.

The screencast approach has, I think, a lot of advantages. They take less time to make and they seem to be more effective, in several ways, than tutorials. Hearing someone talk through a scenario seems to also put things in a clearer perspective than when you have everything written out in a document, where small details get lost and diversions are more difficult to make. Anyway, onwards to more screencasts.

Any special requests?


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