Thursday Oct 24, 2013

44 Tips for Front End Web Devs (Part 2)

Continue where you left off at the end of part 1 in learning the coolest tips and tricks for HTML5 development, with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in NetBeans IDE. You'll learn about a bunch of things from SASS to Cordova and from JavaScript debugging to Chrome integration!

Feedback and/or ideas for other similar screencasts? Let me know in the comments to this blog entry.


Geertjan Wielenga (@geertjanw) is a Principal Product Manager in the Oracle Developer Tools group living & working in Amsterdam. He is a Java technology enthusiast, evangelist, trainer, speaker, and writer. He blogs here daily.

The focus of this blog is mostly on NetBeans (a development tool primarily for Java programmers), with an occasional reference to NetBeans, and sometimes diverging to topics relating to NetBeans. And then there are days when NetBeans is mentioned, just for a change.


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