Saturday Sep 21, 2013

YouTube: Dream Team = Genymotion, Cordova, and NetBeans IDE

In this (silent) screencast, you see the Genymotion Android emulator used from NetBeans IDE, together with Cordova, to enable HTML, JavaScript, and CSS development for mobile devices.

The point of this screencast is to show that the traditional slow turnaround of redeployment to the Android emulator can be fixed, if the combination of Genymotion, Cordova, and NetBeans IDE is used.

Official NetBeans Tools for Vaadin

During the last few days, for the first time, the Vaadin team have made a Vaadin plugin available for NetBeans IDE. It can be installed in NetBeans IDE 7.3.1 and NetBeans IDE 7.4 RC 1:

Note: Vaadin team members will be present at NetBeans Day tomorrow, while the plugin will be highlighted during NetBeans Community Tools with JRebel, Jelastic, and More [UGF10388], together with plugins for Jelastic, JRebel, Codename One, Android, and Gradle.

As starting points, three Maven-based project templates are available in the New Project dialog when you install the plugin:

If you choose Vaadin Web Application Project, as shown above, and click Next, you see the following:

When the project is created, it looks as follows:

If you deploy the application to the embedded WebKit browser or the Chrome browser with NetBeans plugin installed, you're able to interact with and do live editing on the deployed app from the IDE, as shown below.

In the New Project dialog, shown in the first screenshot above, if you choose Vaadin Add-On Project, you'll see the following:

Completing the wizard, you end up with the following applications:

Run the application and again you have interactive editing capabilities available between browser and IDE, together with the NetBeans network monitor, very handy for analyzing network traffic:

The final project template shown in the first screenshot above provides support for Vaadin's TouchKit project, which is very interesting. It lets you build cross-platform mobile user interfaces for Java applications, adding support for smartphones and tablets in days instead of months. Here's the code you get when you use that template:

Run it in your browser and you'll see the start of a mobile application.

Also, file templates are available, as shown below:

Here's the New Vaadin Widget wizard:

Looking forward to exploring these features more during the next weeks, during which I'll be blogging more about Vaadin.


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