Wednesday Sep 18, 2013

YouTube: Getting Started with the NetBeans Platform

In this screencast, a very slightly blurry video of a talk I did last year at JavaOne, which I discovered on YouTube yesterday, you get a good idea of how to get started with the NetBeans Platform, most of the main points are hit and anyone without anay background in the basic "why" and "how" should have most of their questions answered. Sit back for slightly over an hour and get ready to learn some cool things!

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YouTube: How to Develop in HTML/JS/CSS for Mobile Devices

In this (silent) screencast, you see in 5 minutes how to get started with Cordova (PhoneGap) development in NetBeans IDE:

YouTube: Getting Started with JDK 8

In this (silent) screencast, you see in about 3 minutes how to get started with JDK 8:

Here's where I downloaded JDK 8 from:

And here's a useful article on profiles:

Finally, here in the NetBeans IDE 7.4 "New & Noteworthy", you can see, as shown in the movie above, info about JDK 8 Profiles support:

Two issues have come out of the above:


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