Tuesday Aug 27, 2013

PhoneGap for Java Developers

What I like about the PhoneGap concept is that you can write a mobile application in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS without needing to care where it will be deployed. But how about writing a native mobile application without needing to care about where it will be deployed?

And how can that even be possible, since by definition a native application is written in a language native to the mobile platform one is interested in, e.g., iOS or Android, for example. So, what you'd need to have is the possibility of writing the application in one language and then somehow converting it so that it can be run on the mobile platform of choice.

That's exactly the promise of Codename One, together with the (very popular) related Codename One NetBeans plugin. Program your application in Java and then have it converted to the mobile platform/s of choice:

Once you choose one of the "Send" menu items above, go to the build server page on codenameone.com, where you can pick up the build that's been created for you:

Interesting solution! The only thing is that it's a bit unclear, of course, what actually happens to my code to convert it to the mobile platform of my choice. Is this a problem, though? I.e., one needs to place a certain degree of trust in Codename One, especially when the application relates to data-sensitive or otherwise confidential software.

Anyway, I'll be taking the Codename One plugin for a ride a bit in the coming weeks, just to see what all the buzz (i.e., really lots of downloads for this plugin so far) is all about.


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