Tuesday Aug 13, 2013

Work with Multiple Large Apps Easily in NetBeans IDE 7.4

You're working on large projects, multiple projects, simultaneously. At some point you've got so many files open, you can't see the wood for the trees. Along comes NetBeans IDE 7.4, which assigns a common tab color for all files belonging to the same project:

A quick glance is all that's needed to reorientate yourself to identify which file belongs to the work you're currently doing. Moreover, as you can see above, the small drop-down for navigating between files can be sorted based on the projects they belong to.

And this is especially handy when you're working on multi-modular NetBeans Platform applications, since all the files belonging to the same module can now have the same tab color:

All this is possible thanks to two new checkboxes in the Windows tab of the Miscellaneous category in the Options window:

Above, you can see I have selected "Same background color for files from the same project", as well as "Sort opened document list by project".

Several other items in the above screenshot are new in NetBeans IDE 7.4, e.g., the look and feel drop-down, as discussed in yesterday's blog entry.


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