Monday Aug 12, 2013

7.4 vs. 7.3.1: Configuring the NetBeans Window System

When you're creating an application on the NetBeans Platform, you automatically have access to an extensible Options Window as a centralized location for customizing various parts of the application. A default subtab of that Options Window is dedicated to configuration settings for the Window System of the application.

Here's what it looks like in NetBeans Platform 7.3.1:

And this is what it looks like in NetBeans Platform 7.4:

See "Show parent folder in tab title" and "Show full file path" below, together with tab placement "bottom" and maximum row count 2:

Of course, I didn't type a single line of code to create the application you see above. Aside from the NetBeans Platform modules automatically included by the "NetBeans Platform Application" template, I included the "ide/User Utilities" module to include the "File | Open File" menu item and the "ide/Image" module to include the NetBeans Image Editor and the code for recognizing and loading image files.

Note: The enhancements, i.e., the differences between the first two screenshots of the Options window, not including the Look and Feel drop-down, come from a new module "org.netbeans.core.multitabs". If you exclude "platform/Multi-tabs" in the Project Properties dialog of the application, you'll be excluding the enhancements, which includes the scroll buttons:

Protein Structure Analysis on the NetBeans Platform

Last week I answered a question asked by Vilém Šustr from the CAVER team. CAVER is a tool for the analysis and visualization of tunnels and channels in protein structures. And today he sent some pretty pictures, together with these words:

We chose the NetBeans Platform a few years ago and our software grew with it. The software is quite specific, so we us the platform in our own way sometimes. But it saves us a lot of work and we like it a lot! Recently we've done some finetuning to CAVER Analyst and it is going to be released within a few weeks.

Here are the pictures he sent, click the first two to enlarge them. 


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